30 in New York City

30 in New York City

Thirthy. That’s an age people ask you whether you are feeling any different. Different than what? They tell you it’s a big thing. A big thing indeed. It’s so big there’s just one place on earth big enough to celebrate it like it counts. That’s how I booked a flight, watched movies for about 7 hours and took one of those famous yellow cabs to become 30 in… The Big Apple, New York! 

Unfortunately my birth day was a rainy day. A day that in The Netherlands, I would stay inside and have a Lord of the Rings marathon. But not in New York. In New York you go in for a coffee and hope it stops soon. That’s how I found the worst tiramisú of my life.


The restaurant looks a bit shabby but the waiters are nice, like everyone in New York, so we decide it would be a good place to hide for the rain. “A cappuccino and a tiramisú, please” “coming right up”. And right up it comes, right from the fridge. I take a bite, or at least I try. My spoon almost bents. The tiramisú is frozen, ice cold and frozen. “That’s how a tiramisú is supposed to be” the waiter tries to explain to me. I kindly inform him how a tiramisú should be served so he offers to warm it up. In the microwave I pressume.

As soon as the rain stops we pay our bill and leave the building. We walk right up fifth avenue, watch the chistmas decorations, see a man buying a homeless man a coffee, feel the cold breeze in Central Park, listen to wonderful music at the John Lennon’s Memorial and walk through the beautiful streets of Upper West Side. 20.000 steps later we arrive at Broadway.


Broadway, Time’s Square, where the tv screens surround us, the lights come at us. People, yellow cabs, sounds, lights, moving images, camera’s, people taking selfies. It’s mezmerizing. While looking at the square from above it feels like I’ve just entered the centre of a nest of ants. What’s the meaning of this chaos? This somehow organized mess of human activity.

Seeing a broadway show must be on everyones bucket list. It definitely is on mine and so on my 30th birthday it becomes reality. Not just a broadway show but a show of my most favourite movie ever: Finding Neverland. The performance isn’t as good as I hoped, the theater as grandieur as I expected but the night is enjoyable and the seats comfortable. A loud applause makes an end to the show. Right away the doors on the left side of the theater open. About 12 doors telling us in silence ‘out now’, 12 doors opening towards the street. No hallway, no bar, no wardrobe, no one wishing us a good night. There is nothing between us and the street when the doors open. Behind this door we didn’t find Neverland, or did we?


Theater out, bar in. A Brooklyn lager for me, an Anchor steam for mums and a sprite for aunty. Not only the city and it’s people are amazing, the beers are great too.

You only become thirty once and if you do it right once should be enough. In my case it was. I couldn’t have wished for a better way to celebrate my thirtieth birthday. A good beginning is half the work, I can only assume my thirties are going to be as amazing or even better than my twenties.

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