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A little bit about us

Hi there! We are Milene and Yuri! We live in The Hague (Holland) and are both somewhere in our thirties, Yuri a bit more than Milene ūüėČ We enjoy travelling, our oldtimers (VW T2 & Beetle), photography, music and so on. No, we are no twins so we also have our own hobbies. Yuri loves to play sports (softball & bowling) and Milene likes keeping honeybees.

We see ourselves as true hedonists and epicureans! (yes Milene is a sucker of unpronounceable strange words.) We do our best to seize the day, everyday, all day and make the most out of everything.


A little bit about the blog

Route 22 is a divergent travel journal. A journal that attempts to tell stories from a different perspective, with emotion and an unlimited curiosity for strangers.

And when words fail to tell the story, photographs will take over. Taken with respect, to show, to excite, to tell more than a thousand words.

...and a little more

Route 22 is a journal where unique, exciting and alluring travel and culture based adventures from around the globe are published. In this journal we seek to present exceptional and noteworthy articles by taking the unofficial route, visiting remarkable places and interacting with ‘the Other’ to inspire and inform.


  • ...will forget to pack something 80%

  • ...will pack too many camera stuff 95%

  • ...will come back with a masque 90%

  • ...will end up in a wild adventure 100%

The team

Milene van Arendonk

Milene van Arendonk

Photography / Writing / Social Media

Milene loves diving into a culture and meeting locals. She is good with languages & always up for an adventure which makes her a great travel companion.

Yuri Lewis Jones

Yuri Lewis Jones

Film / Photography

Yuri is a happy soul who easily makes friends, worldwide. With his curiosity, enthusiasm and friendliness he is a wonderful travel companion.