So at the moment I’m typing this 4 elephants are just passing our tent of which one is a little girl, not older than 1 year. Amazing! They are about 10 meters away from us and don’t even care we’re here… So cool. 


Cycle 4 Zambia

It’s over now. The cycle part of our trip has finished. Yesterday we reached South Luangwa National Park. After 560km of mountains, dirtroads, tarmac, heath, rain, wind, sand we arrived at the end of the trip. 7 days of waving at kids, sweating on the bike, drinking ORS water, sleeping at various places. Uncountable times of wild peeing, basket showering and mosquito killing. Swearing, cursing, smiling, laughing, jumping of joy. Those 7 days had it all from amazing moments to hard tiresome days on the bike, from meeting local people to enjoying the group of Dutchies, from Mosi beer to an everyday English breakfast. The first days were tough. I didn’t seem to get along with the mountains at all and the sun and I went from best friends to haters in minutes. My bike and I became good friends but I can honestly say I didn’t cry at our seperation yesterday. The road was long but now while I’m sitting here at this amazing lodge I can say time flies. The days went by with a blink of an eye.

We have had many moments on tarmac which went great and some drives on dirt-road which were a bit harder but lots more fun (ok sometimes). We’ve been cycling over mountains and through valleys, crossed the tiniest African villages and have cycled on one of the few cycle lanes of Zambia. All that accompanied by sun, heat, rain, wind or clouds, sometimes in combination.


The end

More and more animals are gattering in front of me. The elephants came to pool to throw some dirt over their bodies, cooling off. Now baboons come in to drink at the same pool and eat some of the fresh elephant poop. A strange bird comes in to bath in the pool and being chased after by a baby baboon. Impala’s come in to lie in the shadow of a tree and watch whatever happens at the pool. The circle of life.

So this is the end, after 7 days of being on the bike we finally have a day rest. A day with an amazing view over a small waterhole, a wonderful first safari and the African sun I can now enjoy. So what will I remember most of the Cycle4Zambia trip? The fact that I can beat the mountain on a bike. All things come to an end; a wonderful holiday, a steep mountain, an almost 600km bike ride through Zambia.

Luckily for us this is only the end of one part of the trip. The other part will start on Sunday with a brief visit to the Victoria Falls on the border with Zimbabwe and a train ride through this amazing country to another amazing country: Tanzania 🙂

For now, zikomo for reading our blog and sponsoring and/or supporting us on this trip.

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