An English lady in Scotland

An English lady in Scotland

Today I’m writing about our adventures in a single place: Dufftown. I know, the name of the town doesn’t sound very exciting and to be honest, the town isn’t. Until those two Dutchies arrived in a VW T2. The sun was shining when we decided to visit Dufftown, home to Scotlands famous Glenfiddich whisky and well maybe after this post also known for a small bistro called Noah’s Ark. 


While we were parking the car an old fella knocked on my window. I was a little tired and first thought we weren’t allowed to park the car there but then he pointed at the tire. I got out of the car and saw the damage, flat tire… “I’m sorry I’m the one to bring you the bad news” the old man tells me. Well this time we are prepared. At least that’s what I thought. I got a spare tire in the van and even a jack to lift the car. However, lifting the car and having a spare tire isn’t all you need when changing a tire. I forgot the tool to get the wheel off. Very handy indeed. But whenever we have a bit of down luck, luck is around the corner. This time luck presented itself as a garage: Johnston and Stuart. Johnston or Stuart was so friendly to lend Yuri this particular tool. So now we got the three ingredients to fix a flat tire. While Yuri was trying to lift the car suddenly my jack broke which brought Miss T. right back on the solid ground. 

Like I said Johnston and Stuart were just around the corner so we decide to drive the car there, escorted by an ambulance this time. Luck was on our side again. Ten minutes to five and Johnston and Stuart would close in ten minutes. Mr. Johnston or Stuart helped us fix the flat tire in about five minutes. A record? For us it definitely is. Besides the bad luck of having a flat tire, which is about the first time in my thirty years of life, we had quite the luck that it happened in Dufftown, 100 meters away from a Garage. Which was still open! 

As Dufftown presented us with some nice people and fast fixing of problems we decided to have dinner here and give Miss T a rest as well. Two blokes we met in the pub recommended us a place nearby: Noah’s Ark. 
So there we were in this tiny little bistro full with chairs, lights, pillows, inspiring quotes and even a little waterfall. We indeed arrived in Noah’s Ark. Luckily this Noah’s Ark didn’t hold animals. Instead it holds anything else. From second hand paintings to little love hearts and from cornish decoration to religious items. The captain herself was just reading a newspaper when we entered. She looked up from the newspaper, a big cup of tea and behind her old rather studded glasses her eyes shined like little stars. Before we could even consider what to eat we talked about Brexit, The Scots and Whisky.  

She was very concerned about Brexit. What would happen now? How will this influence the future of Britain. She voted to remain in the European Union. And why did Cameron did what he did? From Brexit we went on to the Scots, a proud nation who would love to be standing on their own two feet now. According to her they hate her accent, Queens English. They can’t understand her, her bistro Noah’s Ark and her shop. Being a Whisky and Wellness shop. Whisky and Wellness you think? Yep, I’ll get back to that later. The lady doesn’t drink and she doesn’t understand the fuzz about Whisky. There is so much more, why only focus on whisky? 

Suddenly other guests are entering the little bistro and our conversation comes to an end. The other guests have to leave in thirty minutes so she is in a hurry to make tasty food for them: hummus. Within no-time their table is full with food; salad, hummus, sauce, crackers. You name it and it’s on the table. We are in no rush and order the steak and sausage pie and order two delicious stout beers. As she only has four of them we reserve the other two and that’s a good thing cause within a couple of minutes four German guys enter. While they order some beer she still got we get to talk about the nice place and the area. Within no-time all the guests are conversing with one another. The Scots from Aberdeen tell us about good places to go, the Germans about distilleries they have been to and they still have to visit and we tell about our adventures with the van. All that happens while the lady is cooking in the nearby kitchen. 
Our plate is full and tastes delicious and our beers are cold and nice. From the Cairngorms, where we will go tomorrow. One by one the guests are leaving and when we are the only ones left and ready to go ourselves she invites us to have a cup of coffee the next day, which we delightfully accept. But that’s for another. So whenever you get to go to Dufftown, stay here for diner, you won’t be disappointed. 



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