Sledding with 7 dogs is hard

Sledding with 7 dogs is hard

We’ve been back for a couple of days now and I just cannot seem to get a hand on this. I guess this post-holiday-syndrome is real. I had big plans: cycle more, eat healthy, getting fit, going out more. Well in general: move more, sit less!

It all started on Sunday. The flight back home was a very relaxing one, for the first time in many I didn’t get sick of the landing (I have car sickness, which apparently also appears while flying). Anyway, we arrived in The Netherlands, the sun was shining, it was warm, flowers were growing, it all looked so colourful and happy. So, why not feel happy myself right? But suddenly, the post-holiday-syndrome started to kick in.

What does that mean? Well, we had an amazing time in Norway. Spent way too much money but it was all worth it. The country is so damn beautiful and the people were so immens friendly, it really got to me… to us. We are already planning our trip back 😉 So, when you get back home and nothing but the weather changed it feels a bit depressing. Like nothing ever changes, well except my weight 😉 I have all these great idea’s, creative idea’s before I get back, but once I get back… poof! It’s gone.

Anyway, this shouldn’t be a depressing post cause we have seen and done amazing things on holiday so let’s get back to that for a second. After Kautokeino, where we did some reindeer sledding and met Sami people, we arrived in Alta. There is not much to do in Alta except dog-sledding.

Oh and watching the Northern Lights. Which we did and oh my this was spectacular. It happened right above our heads. I was standing outside for a while when I suddenly saw a strange cloud moving. Not long after that the cloud became green and suddenly the whole sky started dancing in colours. Green, purple, white. The movement was so fast, it was hard to keep up. An experience of a life time, something we will never forget. People told us later that you will never forget the first time you see the Northern Lights and I truly hope I don’t. I also hope I don’t forget the feeling it gave me. A feeling I can’t really describe but I think it get’s close to being truly happy. If that’s what happiness feels like, than that’s what I felt. Cause that’s what it made me feel, incredibly happy. I couldn’t get the smile off my face. Well, that’s something everyone should see at least once in a lifetime 🙂


We stayed at Holmen Husky where they have about 100 dogs! That’s insane. All those dogs are staying at the same place throughout the year. In all honesty, I found it a little bit sad. But well, who am I to know what dogs need and like? They seem to be very happy to walk with the sleds though, and they run fast! Seriously, so fast that we crashed. Yep, we did.

It wasn’t entirely our fault as we just had some naughty dogs that never wanted to go the normal route, they like to take the short cut. Well, this short cut wasn’t meant for sleds. What happened next was quite hilarious. So, one of the leaders jumped off his sled to catch ours. Cause, you know, we were laying with our noses in the snow. However, when he jumped off his sled, the other leader couldn’t hold the sled and whoops… their dogs were gone. So, we had to turn back, other people with snow scooters had to catch the dogs that ran off and we started all over again. Let’s say we got an extra hour of dogsledding thanks to our crash. So, well done to us 😉

After the dog sledding we went to the Igloo (or ice) hotel. Here we had an amazing diner with delicious meat (moose and reindeer), some whale, kings crab, other fish and many delicious cheeses. And then it was time to sleep in the ice hotel. That’s sleeping in about -5 degrees C. Luckily I have a very good sleeping bag but we got extra ones of the hotel. The night was… a bit rough. I couldn’t sleep because it was too hot (true story) for me and Yuri couldn’t sleep because he had to pee a thousand times (I’m not exaggerating) and he was cold (also a true story). You can imagine, we were a bit tired the next day but still headed up North after breakfast.

Another surprise when we arrived in Honningsvag at the North cape: an avalanche had blocked the road to our cabin. Therefore, we had to find another place to stay, which we did via AirBnB (our love for Airbnb is big). We stayed with Cesar, a wonderful man from Spain. He was working here in the winter months and loved living in the cold a lot. We enjoyed staying with him for two nights and we didn’t really care about not being able to stay at the cabin we booked anymore. The next day we got to go to the Nordkapp, it was sunny and not cold at all. So we reached one of the most Northern points of Europe in the end. Oh yeah! What happened after that is for another time…


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