Hiking in the Lofoten

Hiking in the Lofoten

We had reached the Nordkapp and were now ready to hit the road again southwards. However 2 hours after Alta the road got blocked again, by a snowstorm this time. It was too dangerous to continue so we had to go back. To Alta! Hmpff… bad luck, but well, that’s life in the arctic. 

The next day we drove towards the gate to the Lofoten, just a day of continuously driving. And then finally we arrived at the Lofoten… Wow! What an amazing environment. We arrived in the most southern place of the Lofoten (we love those latitude things). The highway stops here in some kind of parking place, really funny to see. We booked a Rorbu, which is a typical fishing house for this area. Nowadays those rorbua aren’t used by fishermen anymore, actually all of them are used by tourists at the moment. Well, it’s fun anyway. The Rorbu is built half on land and half on water so that the fishermen could easily get home with their boats. Sometimes the poles are used to dry the fish under the Rorbu. The drying of fish is btw. something that comes with the scenery. Wherever you look you see fish hanging, sometimes whole fishes and sometimes just faces. Stockfish, they are called. It’s a true treat here in the area. So of course we had to try some fish, though no Stockfish. We tried salmon and again some dried whale here. Which was nice, though I’m not a fan of whale meat. The salmon is delicious.

Yuri thought it would be fun to walk about 2km’s towards a beach, only reachable by a path through the mountains. I normally love hiking but I’m not really good at walking on snow. I’m rather good at sliding on snow and almost breaking my legs. So, Yuri went up in front with good hiking shoes and I came along behind with wonderful, not really helpful on snowy grounds, Timberlands. The way up went well but then we had to go a bit down to the viewpoint. Oh man, that was slippery and scary. Where Yuri jumped from one rock to the other, walking like a Yeti through the snow, I came behind like King Kong on ski’s. You can imagine, enjoyable to watch 😉 I fell a view times to which Yuri responded like a man “what are you doing?”. To which I responded like myself “I just like sitting on my butt in the snow” 😉 You understand we had lots of fun while sloping down the slippery slope of the mountain. No arguments here 😛

Nonetheless, when we finally (about 2 hours later… remember? 2 km’s!) arrived at the view point we were not disappointed. We were treated with an incredible view. Though my knees were hurting of sloping down and my shoulder of one fall I forgot it all when we were up there. While we were enjoying the view another snow storm hit us, but we stayed a little while longer, thankfully. We were treated on a very nice changing of weather show. But because it would get darker soon and we knew my snow climbing skills were as developed as the eyesight of a blind person we decided to walk back. I must say, the way back went a lot quicker. I’m not sure if Yuri agrees but well, it felt like that.

So then we went back to our little Rorbu, where we had the luck of seeing the lovely Northern Lights for a split second. Between the snow clouds we suddenly saw the amazing green wave of the aurora borealis. A spectacle that one can never get used too. Well maybe when you live here you can.

The next day it was time to move again. This time we would be travelling to a little cabin in the middle of nowhere. The weather forecast was in our favour and the clouds soon disappeared. When we arrived at our little cabin we were happily surprised. It indeed was in the middle of nowhere and with a spectacular view on a fjord. The cabin had no running water and no electricity. So that meant cooking on the fire stove (which was great) and making the white snow a little yellow. Of course I’ve never had to use the bathroom this much ever in my life 😉 As the night fell, the clouds came in. Pretty disappointing for us, cause there was no chance of seeing the Northern Light in full glory now. We put on the alarm every hour, not only to check whether the Northern Lights appeared but also to put some wood on the fire otherwise we would freeze to death. Not really but it would keep us warm anyway.

When the morning came we picked up our stuff and were on the move again. This time back to Tromsø, where we would spend one more night before we would be heading home, via Oslo. More on that later…


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