My very first safari

My very first safari

There always is a first to everything. As I look into our front yard from our tent porch I can see a few giraffes striding along patiently, like elderly people can do behind their rollators. Yesterday it was a small family of elephants bathing in the little green colored puddle just a few meters out, blowing the muddy waters on their backs to have a little relief from the scorching sun. For us Dutchies it is not just hot, it is mind blowing hot.

It was a first to cycle in this kind of heat. My temperature gauge recorded 47 degrees Celcius at one point. Luckily that is all behind us now and we have had time to relax ever since we arrived at Flatdogs Lodge at the banks of the Luangwa river.

We have had the change to do three safaris of which two by car and one on foot. Two early in the morning and one at sunset. I have never been on a safari before so I was quite excited.

Little live update: an Impale just pooped in front of us and started making a loud sound before he went. I wonder what he was shouting about.

Back to safaris. Oh my, they where great. I saw my first wild animals and had the chance to take a lot of pictures of them. Milene and I saw hippo’s floating an masse in the river or lonely roaming the lodge grounds preventing us from getting back to our tent. Elephants in families of up to 50 members walking silently out of the national park towards the villages and back, just to eat mango’s. Elephant families meeting half way and greeting each other in such a lovely and graceful manner, it leaves you mesmerizing in silence. Three hunting female lions at night time, dividing themselves to reunite further down the bush with a touch of the nose. Herds of buffalo sticking together like one big pack and the occasional buffalo scull scattered around.

New live update: The giraffes are slowly walking back and seem to be directed right towards us. More and more appear from the bush. A big male stands watch under a tree a few meters to the left while three juveniles bend their knees to drink a few drops of precious green muddy water. What a sight!

Back again. Then there were leopards! On all three game drives we saw them, so lucky! We could spot them lying in, crouching out or relaxing under a tree. One even passed the car with such elegance I can’t describe. Heartbeats increased, that’s for sure. And there was this baby Impala kill, which was hanging in a tree, waiting for the leopard to come back.

The animal sights during the safari’s where all a first to me. We spotted 4 of the big 5. It was wonderful to have experienced it with Milene. Can’t wait for more but first we will get the train to Tanzania!

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