Northern Norwegian habits

Northern Norwegian habits

Cultures, that’s my thing. So when Yuri was booking our car and checking where we would be going I was checking some strange (Northern) Norwegian habits… 

The first thing that surprised me when we arrived in Norway was that everyone was in thick clothing. You probably frown your eyebrow know and think ‘of course!’. Well, for me, a winter child, that’s quite stunnishing. I don’t own gloves for example. Of course Dutch winters don’t really get cold but honestly, I haven’t worn gloves here yet (I’m writing this 4 days in)… But well, better warm than sorry or something like that 😉

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Something I found very funny was that the cheese slicer was invented in Norway in 1925 by Thor Bjørklund. So, I wanted to buy a true Norwegian cheese slicer to slice the hell out of some cheese. Funny fact; all the cheese in the shop is already sliced… I bet I’m not the only one enjoying slicing some cheese.

Another funny thing is that Norwegians do brew beers and they are rather good in it. However, you can buy alcoholic beverages only from stores named Vinmonopolet. There are only two in each city, and none in the countryside. Well, and beers you can also find in the supermarkets.

Oh and did you know that the official discovery of Svalbard (islands of Norway) belongs to Dutch explorer William Barents, for whom the Barents Sea is named. He named the island Spitsbergen (Sharp Mountains). The Norwegian name, Svalbard, comes from Old Norse for “cold coast.” The 1902 Treaty of Svalbard granted Norway sovereignty over the island. We will not be visiting Svalbard on this trip (though I have thought about it) but maybe next time 🙂

Last but not least, Norway has the highest gasoline prices in the world at €1.83 per liter, even though Norway is one the biggest exporters of oil in the world. And what happens when you don’t have gasoline?

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This is what I found out the last four days. Probably a lot more is coming. Like the (Northern) Norwegians ride snow scooters like the Dutch ride bikes. They dry reindeer meat for about 3 months and have reindeer riding competitions. Oh and they have incredibly long unpronounceable village names…


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